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What we do


Local Development

  • Promoting sustainable development of the communities in conjunction with the local population.
  • Development and implementation of training programs and sustainable entrepreneurship.
  • Development and implementation of sustainable tourism programs.
  • To support and cooperate with the work of public and/or private entities whose goal match be the conservation, preservation and improvement of the environment.

Biodiversity conservation research, management and the D.S.

  • Realization of complete inventory of species of wildlife (photography, filming and geoprocessing).
  • Research of basic, applied and technological nature in the areas of our expertise and the like.
  • Planning for natural resources management, by consideration of their reflections on the environment and socio-economic aspects, and may generate the following features:
    • Reports of environmental impacts arising from the use and management of natural resources;
    • Inventory of natural resources, in particular recoverable fauna, soil, water and vegetation;
    • Prevention and control of forest fires;
    • Technical and economic feasibility studies of projects;
    • Socio-economic studies for projects;
    • Studies for the implantation of settlements;
    • Elaboration of plans for small and medium-sized watersheds;
    • Environmental repair projects;
    • Opinions of interpretation of environmental legislation;
    • Afforestation and landscaping projects;
    • Establishment of management systems for the soil, water and vegetation resources, according to the physical and socioeconomic conditions in the project area;
    • Mapping and monitoring of the project areas;
    • Determination of agrosilvopastoril of fitness areas and integrated planning for their use.

Socio-environmental education and training programs

  • Socio-environmental education for sustainability.
  • Develop educational programs, giving priority to the environmental and social issues, based on “connection with nature”.
  • Training in Tourism Wildlife observation.

Stakeholder dialogue

  • Development of partnerships, and engagement mapping in stakeholder dialogues on several key questions for sustainability.
  • Development of strategic communication for sustainability;
  • Development and monitoring of policies of social and environmental responsibility.
  • Mapping the stakeholders and prospects.
  • Realization of the “dialogues of Stakeholders or interest groups”.
  • Risk and crisis management (public distrust, conflicting messages, fatigue of stakeholders, a survey of exaggerated expectations, crisis management, accidents).

Development of projects of D.S.

  • Realization of environmental impacts of diagnostic companies;
  • Proposition and monitoring of action plans to reorient the management of the sustainable development perspective.
  • Diagnostic achievement of the implementation of the concept of sustainable development in major public policies.
  • Formulation and monitoring of plans for reorientation of management based on sustainable development.
  • Development, encouragement, coordination, implementation and management of studies and projects that are aimed at the conservation and preservation of natural resources.
  • Guidance, design and management for the development of sustainability reports, using elected indicators methodology, which can be GRI, Ethos, Ibase.
  • Planning and definition of the information to be collected for the production of the sustainability report.
  • Formation and training of the working group within the structure of enterprises and institutions, for gathering information.
  • Gathering information about policies and practices of CSR (Corporate Social responsibility).
  • Consolidation of information collected and the production of the report.
  • Analysis of results and discussion with the Working Group and stakeholders defined by the company.
  • Production of the final text of the report.

Economic and financial fund management Legal

  • Development or finance studies, research, reports and projects on the sustainable use of natural resources in the areas of their competence and the like.
  • Development, management, licensing and acquisition technologies, at home and abroad, of materials, components, equipment and services to fulfill its mission, by its own means or in association with research centers and/or domestic and foreign entities.

D.S. events

  • Realization and execution of own projects or of third parties, conducting events, courses and trainings with topics related to conservation and preservation of the environment.
  • Contribution to the scientific and technological training of human resources, public and private, in the areas of their competence and the like.